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A writer for Cloud and DevOps with a sprinkle of other interesting software concepts.
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Pipelines, pipelines and pipelines — they are the most interesting part of my DevOps journey after observability which I would still write about in a short while. Well, one of the most relevant parts of deployment and building is the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. CI/CD embodies a philosophy that enhances application development teams to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably. …

In business or data study, it is expedient that users and engineers find the best way to study the stored data and one of the most efficient tool is Metabase. Metabase is an open-source business intelligence tool that lets users ask questions about the data, and displays answers in formats that make sense — it could bar graph, tables, histogram and any other preferred pictorial/graphical format. It is also possible to group the recent questions, store them and refer to them when necessary. The dashboards for the data visualizations could be shared with the teammates in any organization. …

Right after understanding the concepts and how the basics of the system run, it is expedient that we learn how to architect workloads with GKE but in the meantime, if you have not read my first articles, check here and here

Google will handle the kubectl command, inspect cluster and pods, view a pod’s console output and sign in to a pod interactively. Kubectl command is what is used to control Kubernetes clusters. Before any further work, kubectl must be configured with the location and the API server of the cluster. …

Referencing Part 1, we were able to understand the need for Kubernetes in the world of container orchestration. In this phase of the journey, we will talk a bit about nodes, kubectl, deployment and many other interesting Kubernetes concepts.


There are many thoughts on exactly what nodes are about but in clarity. a Node is a worker machine in Kubernetes and may be either a virtual or a physical, depending on the cluster. Cluster admins create nodes and add them to Kubernetes. Furthermore GKE, it manages operations by deploying and registering to compute engine instances as nodes.

There are node…

Observability Techniques. Photo Credit: Newswire Report

In utilizing AWS, there are streams of data involved, metrics put into consideration and most importantly, infrastructure to be analysed. The good thing about AWS is they tend to always work on updates weekly so everyone has changelogs that give customers better experiences with the product. There have been several updates but I have picked interest in Amazon Lookout and CloudWatch metrics; we will be having a little chat about the most recent updates in the space.

Amazon Lookout

Businesses and organizations have time-series data that are quantified and analysed many times but for some very large scale data even small data…

Photo Imagination Of A Career: Small-To-Great

A few months ago, while scrolling through memory lane on how much I have achieved as a software developer, a lot of questions popped that I could not answer but the highlight was “what flowchart directed my tech career?” and I pondered for hours but obviously I let it slide as a normal person would. Later, that same week I kicked off a project which required me to design a flowchart and it took me so much time to study the symbols, the form of sketching including the tools required, then the question came down my thought box again “what…

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The world is getting more involved in several cutting-edge technologies and I think the Cloud is one of the most interesting. Cloud Computing in its entirety has several roles and sections that make the space most profitable. The job is quite easy when the roles are understood and could offer special career paths for any interested developer or engineer hoping to be part of the cloud computing learning process.

There are several roles in cloud engineering regarding computing but majorly there are three; Cloud Architect, Cloud Developers and Cloud Engineers. …

In using the Google Cloud Platform, it is all about deploying applications and migrating products data to the cloud. This article addresses how to deploy a simple Hello World Python application to the cloud. The major steps used in this process is shown below:

  • Create a new project: The project is created by navigating to the top bar after logging in to the platform. If you are a new user, Google has provided $300 for starting offer so as to get used to the tools on the platform.
  • Activate google cloud shell: The cloud shell is where the scripting and…

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In invoking a Lambda function, its response procedures and expectation must be understood by every AWS engineer. The execution models can both result in event and request-response type invocations. Before we go ahead, please look at my article on AWS Serverless HorseRiders and see my brief on Lamda functions. The models include the following:

Push-Based Model

Here we have an API gateway talking to a Lambda function and through a request with the API, the response is quite quick. It’s more like a process that expects Lambda to give the right response to the request source as fast as possible. Assuming we…

Photo Credit: Greenbiz

Every day there are lots to talk about the cloud and today I have chosen that we have a little chat on serverless architecture and the corresponding horsemen that could change the way engineers approach the cloud. In 2016 when I first came into the cloud computing space, I got to hear the word “serverless” very often from senior engineers but I always imagined serverless meant there were actually no servers, but as time went on, I got to understand the real stuff.

However, let us define the concept “Serverless”. Well for starters, there are actually physical servers in the…

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