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A writer for Cloud and DevOps with a sprinkle of other interesting software concepts.
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Pipelines, pipelines and pipelines — they are the most interesting part of my DevOps journey after observability which I would still write about in a short while. Well, one of the most relevant parts of deployment and building is the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. CI/CD embodies a philosophy that enhances application development teams to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably. …

Terraform is a great configuration management tool used in the cloud world to provision resources in the cloud. It is one of the greatest automation tools when it concerns managing and orchestrating architectures in the cloud. It has the ability to imbibe databases, CI/Cd and lots of other cool stuff that makes application architecture way easier to handle and manage. Terraform is very declarative and just refreshes state; does not repeat the resources.

Core Concepts


In connecting terraform to any cloud provider, database, pipeline or any other external service, it is necessary to have the provider file. It is directly responsible for…

Kubernetes has several tools used for managing applications but the custom scheduler is built to manage large applications with a robust cluster and user base. Majorly, it assigns pods to nodes when they are newly created and ensures the applications keep running without any downtime and all resources expectations are being handled.

Custom Scheduler Highlights
1. The scheduler is responsible for mapping persistent volumes to the pods in the cluster that has been previously scheduled.

2. Working with the scheduler, it has a plugin called Kube-scheduler which is a significant part of the control plane and the core of…

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Azure is quickly becoming one of the most efficient cloud providers in the space and given that I am a DevOps engineer, I get to explore different cloud tools as related to projects over the years across different companies from FAANG to growing startups.

I have always held the idea that as long as IAM is sorted while dealing with the cloud, you can achieve awesome stuff meanwhile this piece will be on a simple IAM task via Hybrid Identity.

We are going to address how to synchronize an on-premise Azure Directory with Microsoft Azure, and the synchronization here is…

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Based on research when a bare computer is exposed to the internet without protection or firewalls, there are malicious scanners that will have access within a minute and in another 2 mins, more hackers and 4 minutes, you are under a malware attack so you must have security intuition. In personal intuition, engineers/experts must consider the following:

  • Denial by default
  • Least privilege
  • Segmentation
  • Encryption (data, network traffic and the rest)
  • Logging

Azure has a Security centre that helps to evaluate security standards for application architecture. Look out for the dashboard and we must check for security policy for looking out…

The concept of DevOps has been largely misunderstood and we will address a bit of it today. Somewhere in Nigeria, the discussion about DevOps was brought up in a conversation a Backend engineer said

“DevOps is what you do when you want to retire from being a software engineer, it’s a glorified support role”

I got to do some findings and realized they understood DevOps to be basically about CI/CD and container orchestrations. Well, conventionally, DevOps is defined as some sort of relationship between the developers and operations needed to maintain the code that has been built. Furthermore, some people…

In business or data study, it is expedient that users and engineers find the best way to study the stored data and one of the most efficient tool is Metabase. Metabase is an open-source business intelligence tool that lets users ask questions about the data, and displays answers in formats that make sense — it could bar graph, tables, histogram and any other preferred pictorial/graphical format. It is also possible to group the recent questions, store them and refer to them when necessary. The dashboards for the data visualizations could be shared with the teammates in any organization. …

Right after understanding the concepts and how the basics of the system run, it is expedient that we learn how to architect workloads with GKE but in the meantime, if you have not read my first articles, check here and here

Google will handle the kubectl command, inspect cluster and pods, view a pod’s console output and sign in to a pod interactively. Kubectl command is what is used to control Kubernetes clusters. Before any further work, kubectl must be configured with the location and the API server of the cluster. …

Referencing Part 1, we were able to understand the need for Kubernetes in the world of container orchestration. In this phase of the journey, we will talk a bit about nodes, kubectl, deployment and many other interesting Kubernetes concepts.


There are many thoughts on exactly what nodes are about but in clarity. a Node is a worker machine in Kubernetes and may be either a virtual or a physical, depending on the cluster. Cluster admins create nodes and add them to Kubernetes. Furthermore GKE, it manages operations by deploying and registering to compute engine instances as nodes.

There are node…

Observability Techniques. Photo Credit: Newswire Report

In utilizing AWS, there are streams of data involved, metrics put into consideration and most importantly, infrastructure to be analysed. The good thing about AWS is they tend to always work on updates weekly so everyone has changelogs that give customers better experiences with the product. There have been several updates but I have picked interest in Amazon Lookout and CloudWatch metrics; we will be having a little chat about the most recent updates in the space.

Amazon Lookout

Businesses and organizations have time-series data that are quantified and analysed many times but for some very large scale data even small data…

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